The Rockpool Way

When we become your agents you get Rockstar service and have our 100% commitment to deliver exactly what we say we will. 

Some unique features about our offer: 

  • We bring out the story of your home

  • Our marketing packages can be purchased online (7 days to launch)

  • Our Vendor Portal helps you see where your project is at anytime of day from anywhere and all of your files are in one place including Forms, Contracts, Brochure artwork, reports, links etc. 

Rockstar Open Homes

Our Open Homes are designed to impress. The style and presentation of our open homes gives our buyers a memorable experience. Our brochures and information booklets are of a consistent professional quality. We set the vibe with music and scents throughout the home, offer refreshments and children activities. Most of all we provide service with a smile!

Rockstar Marketing Campaigns

We use the marketing campaign to tell 'The Story' of your home, which uncovers the home's unique features and helps buyers connect on an emotional level.. 

Our marketing campaigns are executed professionally and have a look and feel about them that is approachable and authentic. We have a major focus on video marketing and online promotions. 


We are focused on bringing an upvibe and inviting energy to help connect with our buyers and offer a memorable and unpretentious experience

Buyer Discovery and Rapport 

It is through discovery and rapport that we lay the foundation as trusted advisors to our buyers, We encourage enquiry and conversation. These strong relationships are vital throughout the process, particularly during the closing stage.

Consistent Communication

Ongoing communication with all key stakeholders is maintained throughout the campaign period, right through to settlement. This proactive communication is important to ensure a seamless process and avoid any details slipping through the cracks which may effect the sale process.