Tara Wallis LREA & Selling Principal

‘’I am still in awe of the GC, having relocated here 3 years ago, and I feel truly grateful to live in this amazing city. Being able to help people buy and sell property in a region that I am so passionate about is so rewarding’’.  

As Founder, Principal and Licensee, Tara is on a mission to harness her powers of creativity, passion, and dedication to craft solutions and create value for her people.  As a mother of four children, Tara values real relationships and understands that an enduring commitment is essential to deliver a complete service.  In simple terms this means her service always extends beyond the ‘deal’, leaving no unfinished business.

With a major in Public Relations and a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Tara’s expertise is in curating the right message for the right audience.   Having spent time honing her skills as a marketing manager in corporate retail property, Tara brings a contemporary and unique marketing style to her campaigns.  Harnessing the power of video, and brought to life by Goldie inspired artwork, she expertly captures the story of the home while showcasing the many lifestyle benefits of the community in which it resides.