Here at Rockpool Real Estate, we take pride in the many long-term relationships we’ve established with investors both local and interstate.

Our signature approach gives us a winning edge to maximise your returns, match you with the perfect tenant and stay ahead of Gold Coast market developments that could impact your property.

We lovingly refer to it as The Rockpool Way.

Preparing & Marketing Your Property

“A rental agreement is like a home, they both need a solid foundation.”

1. Maximise your return through detailed market analysis, local knowledge and showcasing your property.

2. Intensive tenant selection criteria is critical to securing a quality tenant and trouble-free tenancy.

3. We get your property rent ready in no time and work with you to optimise your property’s appeal and mitigate future maintenance costs.

Securing & Onboarding Your Tenant

1. We use leading-edge digital platforms such as Inspect Real Estate and AppTracker to ensure your prospective tenants can book an inspection and track their application 24/7.

2. Time spent inducting your new tenant is crucial to establish clear expectations and hassle-free moving in process.

3. We partner with reputable property management services and contractors to ensure your investment is in good hands.

Managing the Day to Day

Rigorous arrears management and proactive lease expiry and vacate procedures are critical to deliver consistent returns on your investment.

We closely monitor your property to minimise maintenance costs and ensure you receive prompt and detailed reporting.

Rental reviews 10 to 12 weeks out from lease expiry, to enable timely advice for our landlords to maximise your investment’s ROI.

Tenants and Landlords receive an online portal for 24/7 access to lease and property information, log maintenance and make payments.

Ongoing support within our Maintenance Program includes but is not limited to:

+ Licensed termite and pest inspections.

+ Smoke alarm installation and maintenance.

+ Annual garden tidy ups (as required).

+ Budgeting and payment of your Body Corporate, Insurance or Rates as directed.

+ Property assessments to uncover affordable improvements to maximise rental return and your asset’s preservation.

+ Online portal for 24/7 access to lease and property information, log maintenance and make payments.

Rent It? Sell It? Refurb?

Our experienced team are ready to make it happen or restart the property cycle and save advertising dollars as your content is ready to go!

Detailed entry and exit condition report comparison to ensure issues are raised and resolved promptly, minimising downtime

Considering Team Rockpool to manage your property?

Rest assured that you’ll never be ‘just another client’ for us.

Our proudly independent approach to real estate turns your property into a bespoke journey that we’ll walk together.
As it evolves, we’ll become a winning team working towards the same goals. Long-term.

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