How To Choose A Builder That Is Going To Give You The Result You Are After

If you’re in the market to build or renovate your home, you should shop for your builder as carefully as you shop for your home. Whether you are renovating a much-loved old home aka ‘a renovators delight’, building a house to sell, or creating your dream custom-built home, you want to know that your project is managed by a reputable builder. Here at Rockpool we recognise there are 4 types of builders:

1.    First Home Buyer – Very Low Budget: Generally, a cheaper builder. These builders make their profits on volume.  They have to build a lot of homes.  Some of these builders will build 100-120 homes a month. Mass volume with minimum staff. For example, the person building your home may be looking after anywhere between 35 and 80 homes at any given time.  Their job is to make sure the job is moving forward, and not so much to focus on quality. 

2.    Short Term Investment – Short Term Stay: This builder will have less jobs but more expensive price tags. Will build a lot of homes, big homes, but very basic, you can make very few changes to the homes and the project will be very low cost.

3.    Long term – Owner Occupier – Focus here is less jobs, more on quality and attention to detail. You do pay more for this, but at the end of the day the result will look fantastic for years to come.  Will take on moderate number of houses at a time, maybe 10-20 homes which is much more manageable with a real focus on all the trades are doing the job properly. But again, you do pay a bit more for this.

4.    Expensive Homes – Looking after very few jobs.  Focus on the quality of builds rather than the quantity. This builder is not driven by volume and sales and wants to build durable structures that last through time. You will pay a lot more for this type of builder but to answer our initial question above: You will get the result you want.