Some Simple Tips for Sellers and Landlords when Marketing Your Property for Rent or Sale

To sell or to relet? Tenants moving out and it’s time to re-let or sell the property?

Here are eight top tips to ensure your property is as well-presented as possible. 
1 Street appeal is of paramount importance.
You should ensure that your windows, doors and gutters are clean and that your pathway is clear. External paintwork should be touched up and endeavour to keep your garden looking healthy and well maintained.
2 Repair everything that needs repairing!
Replace any broken light fittings, tighten loose door handles, or damaged fly screens on windows and doors. If you have a leaky tap, fix it! Don’t lose leasing opportunities because minor repairs have not been done.
3 Keep your paint scheme to neutral colours.
A neutral scheme will keep your interior design timeless and it will appeal to a wider group of buyers and/or tenants.
4 Do not forget the importance of clean carpets.
Make your first impression count by providing a clean and fresh indoor environment. Your goal here is to make it easy for the buyers or tenants to envision themselves moving straight in!
5 Your property should endeavour to look spacious and feel inviting. Keep it clutter-free, clean, well-lit and free of unpleasant odours. 
7 Make sure all your electrical wiring are safe and the smoke alarms have been updated! It is current legislation that any property sold or let as of January 2022 have interconnected smoke alarms throughout the home. 
8 Protect yourself – if you decide to relet the home, make sure you landlord insurance is up to date, including Public Liability Insurance. This will protect you from any legal issues that may occur if a tenant injures themselves during the inspection.