What is property styling and is it worth it?

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Have you ever attended an open home and were blown away by the immaculate look? Every bed was styled to perfection and the decor looked like it came straight from the pages of your favourite home magazine. Let us introduce you to the world of property styling, where home owners leave it to the professionals to set them up for premium results.

Buyers are driven by a range of factors. The two main drivers are price and emotional connection. Property styling helps buyers fall in love with your property and helps them imagine what their life could look like in your home.

How much does Property Styling cost?

Costs vary but can start at around $500 moving all the way up to $6000. For your investment Property Stylists offer their expertise and do all the hard work for you. They remove and install furniture, bring in all the decor until you have a crafted designer home.

Your cost-effective Property Styling alternative

Another alternative is to DIY your styling. This is your cost-effective option that can still have an impact. Furniture stores like Amart Furniture and Fantastic Furniture assist with modern pieces at great prices. And you get to keep the furniture afterwards or sell it.

Accessories, cushions and bed linen are effective additions while plants and greenery make your home look fresh. Consider faux plants if you don't have a green thumb.

Watch out for my upcoming videos as I interview local stylists for their take on the most important things to consider when styling your home!