Picture Yourself Living the Gold Coast Way of Life

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Caville Avenue and Main Beach, the main tourist hot spots, tend to shape misconceptions of the Gold Coast. Mingling with the locals will quickly show a different side to our coastline. Ever wondered how the Gold Coast Way of Life could transform your lifestyle? Let us paint the picture for you.

One of the biggest perks of living somewhere that isn't Sydney or Melbourne is that you don't spend as much time travelling between places. If you catch up with friends, it usually only takes around 10 minutes to get there. The same goes for a trip to the beach or a park - 10 mins.

I moved here with my family 2 years ago and we now ride bikes to and from school each day. Because the weather hardly ever lets us down, my kids spend their afternoons playing with friends, swimming in the pool or jumping on the trampoline instead of being glued to the TV or their iPad. Living in a tourist destination means that you can also enjoy the many tourist attractions at your fingertips on a rainy day.

Will you have more spare time to go to the beach? Naturally, this depends on your job. If you work in Brisbane, then your weekdays are a write-off. But never fear, if you are looking at a 5-day week then you still have the weekend to enjoy the many delights the Gold Coast has to offer.

Our coastline is always peppered with families, sporty types, dreamers, lovers and everyone in between. If you head down to the beach, you will sense a feeling of community. Everyone is enjoying their spare time breathing in the sea air and appreciating their lifestyle choice.

If you want to venture further afield then Kingscliff, Tweed Heads, Kirra Beach and even Byron Bay are only a short drive down the motorway.

The local café scene has earned many accolades and the choice is truly yours. Gold Coast cafés can give the Melbourne coffee culture a run for their money.

The Gold Coast is far more than just stunning beaches as far as the eye can see. It recently was named on of the world's top event destinations for the second year running, cementing the city's reputation as a global event hotspot. The 'IFEA World Festival and Event City Award 2018’ recognises the best in community leadership and festival event partnerships around the world. CLICK HEREto find out more about events.

If we have left you intrigued and you are considering a move to this stunning part of the world, then ask yourself what is stopping you?