Top 10 tips to get your home ready for SALE

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

First impressions can make or break your buyer’s love affair with your property. Our years of experience in Real Estate have taught us some very cost effective, yet highly effective tricks to wow your buyers as soon as they set foot in your property.


1. Create an Entrance with a Difference

Investment: $10

Chances are that your potential buyer has viewed quite a number of properties before they consider yours. Impressing with a point of difference to lay the foundations for the right buyer mindset before they walk through the front door is crucial. Sweep the driveway, oil the front gate or wipe down the front door. The finishing touch is a homely doormat welcoming visitors to their potentially new home.

Welcome Mat - approx $10

2. Bye Bye Weeds

Investment = $10

Put those gardening gloves on and tackle that unwelcome greenery in your garden. While you are at it, why not make a call on some of your larger plants that need to go? A trip to the local tip on the Gold Coast is absolutely free.

Time to call on your inner green thumb

3. Windows with a View

Investment: $5 vinegar, $1.62 microfibre cloths

Sparkling windows and mirrors are an absolute MUST for any open home. Rather than calling on harsh chemicals, fill a bucket with hot water and a cup of vinegar and you are set. Then grab two microfibre cloths and a towel and get to work. One cloth takes care of cleaning, one cloth does the drying and the towel mops up the mess you leave behind. A window squeegee can also be helpful if you have one!

4. Who says Plants have to be the Real Deal?

Investment: $30

Fake plants have become increasingly popular of late as cost-effective alternatives to expensive pot plants. You can find incredibly convincing replica plants in most homewares stores that will infuse your home with warmth and that highly desirable homely feel.

A bit of greenery throughout the home makes it feel loved

5. Sack your Shabby Curtains

Investment: FREE

Old curtains don’t do your property and favours. If you simply can’t afford to buy new ones, you’ll be relieved to hear that buyers prefer to work with a blank canvas rather than be confronted with daggy and outdated blinds or curtains. So schedule that FREE trip to the local tip and wave them goodbye. Less is more in this instance.

6. Marie Kondo is your Best Friend

Investment: $50 for storage tubs

Storage tubs come in handy when it comes to your open home. Keep tabletops or benches completely clear or limit it to up to 2 decorative items.

You risk leaving your buyers feeling overwhelmed and put off. Small details such as your personal belongings can impact the overall impression and steer your potential buyer towards another property.

Organise your prized possessions in large common storage tubs and ask a friend or relative for a huge favour. Store them offsite until the deal is done and you are ready to move. Another hack is to keep wardrobes and nooks tidy so everything has its place.

7. Touch up Those Witnesses of Time

Investment: $40 for paint and brushes

A family home usually has to withstand wear and tear from family pets and children leaving visible scuff marks. Try tackling minor marks with a bit of gumption and a cloth before relying on your paint brush to reduce cost.

Bunnings sells small pots of paint to touch up those tough stains. Just don’t forget to blend!

8. Give every room a purpose

Your property needs to speak to buyers so they can picture themselves in your home living their life. That’s why every room in your house needs to serve a purpose that does not need explaining.

Before your open home, inspect every room in your property and ask yourself what your buyer would use it for. Then set it up accordingly. Having buyers guess what empty rooms may be used for could negatively impact your sales result or may lose buyers to another property all together.

A great solution is adding a study nook or a reading corner to a room that currently has no purpose or was used for storage. Second hand furniture purchased on online forums can be a cost-effective solution.

9. Relamp or reglobe

Investment: $20-$100 for globes

Make sure all lighting is operational. Replace old light bulbs with brighter lights, and ensure the same colour temperature throughout the home. Also make sure your Real Estate agent switches on all the lights when showing your home to make the rooms feel lighter. This is particularly effective for night viewings or on overcast days.

Light up your home with LED lights

10. That oh-so Important Second Opinion

Investment: FREE

Friends or family come in handy when it comes to a brutally honest review of your property before open home. Ask them to point out anything you might have missed as they view your property without the emotional investment you have. If they think a corner of your living area feels a little cluttered, chances are it probably is.