Old Fashioned Customer Service with a smile

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

No matter how connected we think we are through social media, we all crave and appreciate human interaction. That’s why personable customer service is more important than ever.

We all enjoy receiving a text message or a birthday card in the mail for our birthday, but the people who take the time to call or pop around are the ones who make you smile. Am I right?

You deserve service with a smile

Selling your property is such a personal journey which makes it even more important for your agent to provide you with unrivalled customer service. Finding an agent who goes to go that extra mile for you has the power to turn this at times daunting experience into an enjoyable adventure.

The Rockpool Way puts our customers first and is based on basic qualities that you should expect from your agent.


A professional and personable approach turns us into your buyers’ trusted advisor and ultimately secures premium results for our vendors. We believe in a consistent and reliable service that leaves a lasting impression on your buyers.

On time

We stick to agreed schedules as we are ultimately are there to serve you and your buyers. Our suite of online options assists us to provide feedback and report to you in real time.


We have a genuine passion for what we do so friendliness is second nature to us. If you can relate to your agent, then your buyers probably can too.

Good Listeners

Listening is the most important skill in Real Estate. When we are 'serving you' it is our duty to discover the things about you that help us to provide you with the experience you imagined. You’d be surprised how much we find out by letting you tell your story. An agent needs to ask a lot of questions when you meet them, but if you can't get a word in then your buyers probably won’t either.

So when shopping around for your ideal Real Estate agent, pay attention to their manner and presentation. The little things are the BIG things in Real Estate and can be the difference between a successful sale and NO sale at all.