Is your agent following up?

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Picture this. You go to the effort to prepare your property for an open home, your property is the hottest ticket in town and you witness plenty of interest on Open Day. You expect your agent to spend the next few days on the phone chatting to your potential buyers. Unfortunately, according to statistics, chances are that may not be happening.

A high-profile Australian Real Estate Trainer, mystery shopped 150 agents recently only to find that less than 33% of them followed up leads with a phone call. This means that the majority of people are walking out of an open home never to be contacted again.

Open dialogue with your potential buyers is very important. Our job as agents is to listen to their feedback and try to work through any concerns or queries they may have.

If you are considering selling your property, raise the follow up philosophy with an agent before trusting them with the sale of your property. What is their process for follow up, and can they offer this in the form of reporting to you on a weekly basis?

The Rockpool Way guarantees that every potential buyer is nurtured and looked after as the next potential owner of your beloved home. This is our commitment to you, as a necessary and crucial part of the process if you want to obtain premium results.