Digital Technology Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Through personal experience, and experience in representing our customers we understand that residential home sales can be complex.  The negotiation phase of a sale can be precarious and always emotional, and it’s at this point the measured and sensitive hand of an agent can determine a successful and mutually satisfying experience for both parties.

It’s hard to think of this intelligent process being replaced by digitalisation, but there are emerging technologies that are changing the way we do business.

PRICE - Market Buy is one such technology and Aussie Innovation that’s in the market today.  “Market Buy adds transparency to the offer process, showing potential buyers how many people they're competing with and exactly how much has been offered at any point in time.” This is done via a real time ‘on-line offer management system’ tracking and disclosing legitimate bids to registered buyers (and the seller) for private treaty sales.

PAPERWORK – Docusign to the rescue!  To ensure no detail is missed and your agreed terms are reflected clearly and accurately in your contract of sale, Rockpool Real Estate carefully prepares a digital contract using Docusign.  We then email this to both buyer and seller enabling them to efficiently review the type written contract (sans hand written hieroglyphics) and with a click, can execute anywhere, anytime.  Now that’s the kind of disruption we like!

These are just a couple of examples of digital technology and how it can be used to improve systems and processes, and make things less complicated than they need to be.

Stay tuned, for next weeks article about how it is used in marketing YOUR home to help get the message out there to the MOST amount of buyers!


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