How to achieve Results with our 3 Step Success Matrix

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

My personal experience in buying and selling Real Estate, coupled with market research and working in the field, fuelled a burning desire to achieve premium results for my vendors. From this, we created a unique recipe for success – our signature Rockpool Sales Success Matrix.

It gives you, as a seller, clarity to move forward with confidence. It ensures a consistent approach and set the foundation for a successful sale.

It all started with the lasting impression the very first Real Estate agent I personally dealt with left on me. His professional and systematic approach meant that we successfully sold our property and genuinely enjoyed the process. Unbelievably, I have spent the past decade searching unsuccessfully for this level of service with other Real Estate agents.

The Sales Success Matrix is our signature approach to vendor and buyer relationships to satisfy this particular lack of vendor confidence and next-level service in the Real Estate industry. Modern technology has opened up endless opportunities to deliver this unforgettable service experience in the comfort of your own home.

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