Helpful documents for tenants



Special Conditions relating to your tenancy. Feel free to download and save somewhere safe.

We also provide a helpful checklist for when you are vacating a property

Forms for when you are vacating

If you are wanting to inform us that you are leaving you need to fill out a form 13.

And a link to form 14a which you are required to fill out prior to departing. 

RTA Fact Sheets

Click here for helpful fact sheets relating to your tenancy, provided by the RTA. 

Helpful documents for landlords

Landlord Handbook

This handbook helps you navigate the world of renting, with a list of FAQ's and also outlines the service that we offer. 

Get ready for rent checklist

This checklist provides useful tips and tricks to help you get your home ready to rent

RTA Fact Sheet

Helpful fact sheet about repairs and condition of property provided by the RTA