How good does it feel to be kind? Did you know if we could teach our children to be kind the world would be happier?

When you purchase our marketing packages online, at the checkout we ask you if you want to join the Cool to be Kind Movement. This costs you not much more than that days lunch money, but has the capacity to save lives! 

The cost is $22. With that you get 10 cards to distribute as well as a cute (and useful) Ambassador Magnet. 

1% donation to Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

When I sold James his first unit in Labrador, his passion and enthusiasm for his job was clear. And his kindness really shon through. 

So when Rockpool Real Estate wanted to find a way to give back to the community Gold Coast Hospital Foundation was the one that stood out. 

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation isn't just a charity. It is a charity that has a clear and direct impact on members of our community in need. They provide items for the neo natal unit, helping premature babies and their families cope and progress through the difficult process. It assists in funding for specialised medical machinery and big ticket items that the hospital may not otherwise be able to afford. The people that benefit from this are local members of our community. And it helps save lives. 

Thank you for supporting Rockpool and in turn supporting the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.